Medical fundraising

Medical fundraising: Fundraising for Medical Expenses.

Medical expenses are often unexpected, urgent, and expensive. If you or your loved one needs treatment, raising money can be overwhelming. Also, some treatments took a long, and the bills for the patient's family continued to pile up.

In recent years, personal fundraising campaigns via crowdfunding platforms have increased significantly. Every year friends and family donate billions of dollars to people in need. Fundkoko is the safest and most comfortable fundraising website to receive a donation for medical expenses, surgery, or medication.

We realized that many people need help, and more people can and want to help. Foodkoko is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Nigeria. We have made medical fundraising our main focus. We try to combine generosity with demand through our platform. We have seen significant results. We offer you 24/7 support on the platform to collect and pay medical expenses.

You can set up a free fundraising page on Fundkoko in minutes to create a beautiful, easy-to-move, and easy-to-share page that your friends and family can contribute with just a few clicks.

If you need help for medical expenses, start your fundraising campaign now!

Some tips for a successful fundraiser

Most of the time, you fail at the first step: you don't start.

It takes less than three minutes, and you have set up your online fundraiser. Do not postpone the start of your campaign until tomorrow, but start right now. You have already taken the most important step.

Choose a personal photo.

Actions with personal pictures are the most popular. It's your friends donate to. Show them with your photo or a meaningful photo. Tell what motivates you and why you are committed. This is how you can find many supporters.

Inform friends, relatives and acquaintances

You will receive a link that leads directly to your fundraising campaign. Send this link to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Invite them to your campaign and ask for their support. Use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or emails for this.

Don't forget: say thank you!

Set up a personal thank you message in the settings of your fundraising campaign. Your supporters will automatically receive these after their donation. If you can see on your campaign page who has donated to your campaign, it is best to thank them personally.

Reports on results and successes

Use your networks to inform about interim results and, of course, the final result. Thank them very much for every contribution, and point out that they can continue to donate - even if the original goal has already been achieved.